Our Vision



Our Utah Avalanche Vision is simple… “What Starts Here Changes the World...”

At Avalanche, we work to instill and reinforce the qualities of confidence, teamwork, loyalty, hard work, sacrifice, determination, struggle, heartache, passion, and success in our youth. We strive to create a fundamental belief in our athletes that they can reach and attain any level that they are willing to work at and strive for. We provide the training, opportunities, guidance, and motivation that will help our players find their strength and drive to succeed.

We have involved former collegiate female and male athletes in the coaching and training realms as much as possible; many of them former Utah Avalanche athletes. As current and former high-level athletes, they can help play a critical role in pushing younger athletes to their full potential. These coaches serve as fantastic role models for our aspiring athletes.

We encourage our players to be responsible for their success – fostering a culture of capable independence and growth. Utah Avalanche players are dedicated athletes, they have a passion for the game, and an extreme work ethic. Through their efforts, the players build character, self-esteem, confidence, a commitment to excellence, and to living the elite expectation.

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